Sunday, July 25, 2010

China Glaze Bridezilla and Fairy Dust swatches

china glaze bridezilla
china glaze fairy dust
Fairy Dust
bridezilla, fairy dust
Fairy Dust over Bridezilla

Click any of them to enlarge

So this probably looks weird, but I swatched these on a piece of white paper because I currently have this on my toes.  And because I don't like looking at people's feet on the internet, I figured I'd save you from lookin at my toes! Bridezilla is a VERY sheer, sparkley baby pink.  And when I say sheer I mean it took 4 coats to make it look opaque.  Fairy just love. If you're girly, like me, you'll love it.  It looks good over anything.  It's micro fine rainbow glitter.  Both can be purchased from your local Sally Beauty Store or


  1. Looks lovely! I may have to get Fairy Dust.

  2. Oh yeah! My camera doesn't really pick up how pretty it really is!


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