Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NOTD: Zoya Jules

All pictures are "enlargable" :)

Jules is a greyish-beigey-gold.  A must-see in real life to really take in it's true beauty. I tried to get a good shot of all the multicolored glitter in the last shot, but my camera can't capture it.   I see pinks, green and golds.  It almost takes on a bronze...this one is really hard to explain!

Trust me...Jules is pretty! A lot prettier in real life. And really nice for this time of year.

About me Tag!

So here's something a little different...I wasn't tagged but I thought it would be fun to do! Got this from Bows and Curtseys!

Vital Statistics:

-Name: Jenilee
-Nicknames: Jen ( I know. Boring, right?)
-Birthday: April 3rd 

-Place of Birth: West Palm Beach, Florida! But we moved to NH when I was 5, so I don't really remember what it was like to live there.

-Zodiac Sign: Aries.  

-Occupation: I'm a receptionist for an Ad agency, but I also hold an Esthetic and Manicuring license!


-Hair Color: dark brown...almost black!

-Hair Length: long
-Eye color: dark brown

-Best Feature: Uh, my dimples?
-Height: 5'3"
-Braces?: Nope!

-Glasses?: Yes....well I'm a contact lens wearer.  I have AWFUL vision! 
-Piercings: Just mah ears!  But I've had a nose ring (done myself with an ice cube and a needle in which my mother pulled out of my face) I've had my belly button, but I started ripping because it kept getting caught on my jeans and I used to have 2nd holes in my ears but I let them close.

-Tattoos:Just one.  It's a butterfly on my back.  I hate it.
That's my hubby :) But yeah...that's also my tattoo :(

-Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your 'Firsts':

-First best friend:Was Gina in the 1st grade.  We moved away when i was in 3rd, so we lost touch, but our mothers are STILL friends! 

-First Award: Uhh....I was never really good at anything in particular in school so I don't know as if I ever got awards for grades, but I WAS Best Cheerleader at a competition in 8th grade.
-First Sport You Joined: Cheerleading was the only thing that "stuck".  I tried softball and I felt like I wasn't very good, so I quit.  I also danced, but that's not a "sport". 

-First Real Vacation: My family and I went back to Florida almost every year after we moved to NH.  But I remember the first trip to Disney World!

-First Concert: Britney Spears and 98 Degrees!!! Don't pretend you ain't jealous :-P


-Movie: I love comedies and 80's movies.  And I especially love 80's comedies! 

-TV Shows: Family Guy, Friends (yes, I STILL watch friends), American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Justified, WWE Raw (yup, I watch wrestling and I LOVE IT!), Beavis & Butthead (Yay they're back!!), Modern Family, The Soup, Kendra, Hoarders, Intervention....um...I might have a slight problem with watching a LOT of tv.

-Colors: Aqua, purple and kiwi green

-Song: Oh jeez...there's no way I have ONE favorite song.  I've been listening to a lot of Incubus lately though.

-Candy: I am an equal opportunity candy lover!!! I probably have the biggest sweet tooth known to man (and the cavities/fillings to show for it!) Seriously, I'm trying to think of candy I don't like...black licorice! Yeah I hate that stuff!

-Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory!

-Store:  Target, BBW, F21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, DSW....the list goes on...
-Book: I am LOVING The Hunger Games series!

-Magazine: I subscribe to Kraft Food & Family Magazine because I love the simple recipes.  I like to flip through an US Weekly or a People every now and then.

-Shoes: I bought these boots recently...I LOVE THEM! They're less shiny in person.  Super comfy!


-Feeling: Sleepy...so sick of this rain!
-Single or Taken: Married
-Eating: Nothing
-Listening To: The rain and various office noises

-Thinking About: planning out my evening.  I need to pre-make an appetizer for Thanksgiving, paint my nails, work out and shower!
-Wanting: for the holidays to be over.  It's a stressful time for me...money-wise.
-Watching: my fingers type?
-Wearing: Coral-colored shirt (yes I know it's fall, but I like it ok?), dark wash jeans and light sparkly flats!


-Want Children?: Nope. I want a whole bunch of pets!

-Want to be Married: Check it off the list!

-Careers in Mind: I hated this question as a kid "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I had no idea! So I never perused anything and ended up a receptionist.  Then right before I turned 30 I had a semi crisis and thought I needed to be "something" so I went to beauty school.  I took Esthetics and Manicuring and got my license in both.  Am I happy ever after working in the beauty industry that I worked so hard to be apart of? Well...I'm a receptionist again.  Does that answer your question? I blame the economy.  People aren't paying for luxuries anymore. 
-Where do you want to live?: Well I never pictured myself living in Ohio...but here I am.  Newburyport, MA was my favorite place to live, but it's CRAZY expensive to live in New England.  Clearwater Beach, Florida is nice (when it's not spring break)...I'd live there and take MY vacation when the college kids are there.

Do You Believe In:

-God: Yes
-Miracles: Uh...sure?
-Love At First sight: I believe in LUST at first sight
-Ghosts: Things happen for all kinds of weird reasons...I can see how someone WOULD believe, but I don't.

-Soul Mates: No.  This planet is too big and there are SO many people on it.  The thought of there being ONE person out there for you is ridiculous.

-Heaven: Yes.
-Hell: Yes
-Kissing on The First Date: What girls now-a-days need to worry about is not getting pregnant on the first date. There's no harm in kissing...unless the other person has cooties or something.

-Yourself: Sometimes.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

31 Day Challenge?

So I kind of want to do this....

But with how often I paint my nails it'll be more like the 31 WEEK challenge. I've seen some other gals doing it and it looks fun! It will give me a chance to use some never-touched polishes that I have stashed in the back of drawers. Lol we'll see how it goes...I'm known for starting things all gung-ho like and then never finishing them. And some of these sound kinda crazy.  Galaxies? The supernatural? Ooooh boy.

By the way...I got this list from Never Unpolished! Check out her 31 day challenge!

Monday, November 7, 2011

NOTD: Polka dots!

Zoya Pasha

Orly Gumdrop

 All pictures are clickable

Turned out different than I hoped.  It's okay I guess.  Not my favorite, but it's cute enough. 
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