Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stay tuned for...

China Glaze Unforgettable Set Swatches:

Liquid Leather, Platinum Silver, Nova , Bridezilla and White On White
and a FREE black clutch!
Can be purchased from head2toebeauty for $15.95!  What a great deal!


  1. This reminds me, I babysat 2 kids this weekend, once of which was a 13 year old girl. She asked if I had any nail poilsh so she could do her nails and I said yes, then handed her my selection. "You only have 2 colors??" she asked me while rolling her eyes. Yeah. I suck.

  2. LOL @ Bettie Rocker. My sis was over a couple weeks ago and she wanted me to paint her nails. I handed her my box of polish and out of the 3 dozen colors, I didn't have one that was *just right*. 3 dozen and *nothing* calls to you? LOL Anyway, those are really pretty - I'm looking forward to Liquid Leather and Bridezilla.

  3. Becky hahaha come shopping with meeee, we will get you all hooked up! I have a pro card at Sally's and at CosmoProf and CG and OPI are like 3 or 4 bucks. I got this set at CosmoProf for $14.99! But you can't shop their unless you're licensed...so I'm *forcing* you!

  4. Megan I bet she was just overwhelmed! I get like that too when I go to paint mine, I get frustrated with trying to decide haha


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