Monday, June 21, 2010

Product Review: Orly's Cuticare Pair

Orly's Cuticare Pair
Cuticle Oil Pen & Pusher


Before pictures:
Here's what the pen looks like:

Here's how to use it:
And here are the results!

What is it: Cuticle oil and a cuticle pusher in a pen.
How does it work:Twist the base to dispense product.  Apply to cuticles and use the pusher on the cap to gently push back cuticles.  Can be used daily. Promotes healthy nail growth.
Pros: Works well, doesn't smell bad, convenient
Cons: Leaves a greasy residue even after hand washing, pricey
Price: $6.49 at your local Sally Beauty Supply store 
Would I purchase again?: Yes
The final say: A convenient, mess-free way to get healthy cuticles! Perfect for the on-the-go gal...just throw it in your purse! I don't know why I've never thought of this...or why I've never seen it before's so clever! As someone who is always on the go, this is so convenient for me to just pull out of my purse when I've got a few moments to myself to work on my nails. If you don't like A.) baby powder smell or B.) twist bottom applicators, this product isn't for you, but if neither of those things present a problem for you I recommend giving Orly Cuticare Pair a try!


  1. That looks like it worked pretty good. Did the oil stick around or was it easy to rub in?

  2. Yeah it works great! The oil rubs in nicely, but it does leave a residue even after you wash your hands. Next time I'll use a little nail polish remover before I paint my nails, so that the polish sticks to my nails better!


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