Friday, June 4, 2010

Nail Polish Collection and storage?

I'm currently trying to swatch all my nail polishes and get an organized list of what I have. While I was doing that I snapped a couple of pics of my collection.
 Box 1: (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Box 2:

Probably doesn't look like a lot but the current count is 143 bottles (not including base/top/clear coats, treatments, nail art or konad special polishes.  Just regular colored polishes)

Anyone got a better way of storing they're polishes? This just looks messy to me.


  1. As long as your nails and polish is NOT messy, Georges.

  2. Doesnt look like a lot? I have like, 2 colors. LOL. You are a beauty goddess and I bow to you.

  3. I use the wall racks for mine. :)

  4. The go-to storage for polish is a Helmer from IKEA. I have two containers like you do, but if I keep adding to my collection, I'm gonna have to get something like a Helmer pretty soon! I don't have anything near 100, but it's getting there - quick. LOL

  5. I just got the similar version of Helmer at Michaels'. If you can get them when they are on sale, they are not bad


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