Sunday, October 3, 2010

NOTD: Sinful Colors Bali Mist

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Sinful Colors Bali Mist. Purchased from Meijer for $1.88.  

Well it's pretty, but I can tell you that this didn't last more than a couple hours on my nails.  Normally I paint my nails and it'll last a good 2-3 days before I get sick of it ad take if off...this one? Oh my.  The formula is so weird! Super goopy but sheer. It took 5 coats and I could still see VNL in some of my nails.  I had bubbles and omg it WOULD NOT dry.  Which is why I had to take it off.  By the end of the night my nails were TORE UP! 

With that being said I think this is more of a one coat layering color.  Layered on top of black or even silver would probably look really pretty since it has some duochromeyness.  Looks metallicy pink and flashes green and purple. Even has some pink shimmer! I wanted to love this, I mean in the bottle....SCHA-WING! But on my nails? Bleh.

This is the second Sinful Colors polish I've tried and that one was pretty "meh" too.  And I have more that I haven't tried on my nails...are they all like this?


  1. Bummer! That color is so pretty in the bottle. The color is great, but I can see on your nails, it just looks thick. 5 coats?! No color is worth 5 coats! I think it would great over a darker color, or even a pink. SC is very hit and miss with their formula.

  2. Shame that for a pretty color it took you 5 coats for that pigmentation..

    ***** Marie *****

  3. The color is pretty, but 5 coats?! Omg that's too much work!!

  4. What a shame! I have tried several Sinful Colors polishes - Hottie, Nail Junkie, Frenzy, and Happy Ending - and I've liked them all. I do think they are kind of hit and miss in general, though.


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