Friday, August 13, 2010

New nail polish storage!

nail polish storage
Got this 3 drawer organizer at Target for $6!

nail polish
Top drawer: base, top coats and misc polishes, konad kit and other accessories.

polish storage
Middle drawer: Blues, greens, purples and blacks.

polish organization

Bottom drawer: reds and pinks.

I have a bit more organizing to do. I'm thinking of getting those tray organizer thingies so when I pull the drawer open the polishes don't go flying all over the place.  Any recommendations? 


  1. find some cardboard boxes and cut strips to fit lengthwise, then crosswise. cut slits in the ones that go crosswise and fit them over the lengthwise. itll make dividers.

  2. $6?! I seriously need to get to Target (TODAY) to get one of these! That's a great price and the drawers are tall enough but not too tall. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh Becky good thinking! I'll steal a box from work and do that this weekend! It'll look a lot better!

    Megan-take a bottle of polish with you! I had one floatin around in my purse and I kept putting it in different drawers to make sure it fit! Right now is a good time to go because the college back to school stuff is out!! Let me know what you get!

  4. I use drawer/shelf liner to line the bottoms of my polish boxes so they don't slide around. You can find it pretty much anywhere, and I got a giant roll for a dollar.


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